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Featured Project: The Modernist Art Retreat - 12.23.2010

Featured Project: The Legend of the Brass Teapot - 6.23.2010

Featured Project: Taj Clayton For Congress - 11.19.2010

Featured Project: The Nevsky Project - 10.12.2010

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Set Decorator / Graphic design  |  The Nevsky Project
- Worked on the two-week Los Angeles shoot for Master Key    Productions as a Set Decorator and Graphic Designer.
- Responsible for all creation of graphic media for the shoot, set    dressing and decorating, and set design purchases and returns.
Set Dresser / Graphic Designer  |  The Brass Teapot
- Worked two weeks in the Atlantic Pictures New York Office as a    Graphic designer during pre-production.
- Worked in the Art Department for the one-month shoot, doubling   as both a Set Dresser and Graphic Designer.
Art Production Assistant  |  Wheels
- Worked two weeks with production company Loaded Dice Films   as a Art PA during the two week shoot in Temecula, CA.
- Worked in the Art Department as an Art Production Assistant,   assisting the Production Designer with all set dressing duties.
Production Assistant / WEB Designer  |  Domain
- Worked on the one-day shoot for director J.F Nabi's short film   Domain. Assisted the crew as a general Production Assistant.
- Responsible for developing the official website, movie poster,   media content, and social media elements for the short film.
Graphic Intern  |  The Legend of the Brass Teapot
- Worked with Director Ramaa Mosley to produce graphic media for her upcoming documentary.

Welcome to our set design portal. Similar to our other design disciplines, we always aspire to create interactive and engaging set design, and believe that a great set is a visually stimulating tone-setter for any moving image media. We offer graphic design, set dressing, art director and production design services. Additonally, we offer web design services and have experience working with motion picture webpages.

We have experience working on many types of sets and productions, including both feature and short films as well as commerical shoots.

To learn more about our work and past involvement in set design projects, feel free peruse the project list to your left. For any set design inquiries, feel free to visit our contact page and fill out our inquiry form. Thank you for your interest and enjoy our designs.