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The central gathering area is perfect for fall performances. Residents lean on the garden as a source of both revenue and food during all seasons. Light illuminate the garden as night falls on Oasis West. A resident picks from the vegetable wall as the sun sets on Oasis West in Autumn. A view of the physical model built depicting the spaces of Oasis West Community Garden. A close-up view of the space underneath the central canopy of Oasis West Community Garden.
Floorplan of Oasis West Community Garden. Site Plan showing Oasis West and its surrounding community. Urban conditions existing around Oasis West.
Oasis West provides a robust irrigation system along with ample variety of vegetables grown. A detail showing the cable connection that supports the central vegetable canopy of Oasis West. Diagrams detailing both the programmatic layout and season change of vegetables grown in Oasis West.
Front Elevation of Oasis West Community Garden. Section Cut showing the inner spaces of Oasis West. Section Cut showing the inner spaces of Oasis West.
Oasis West Community Garden
- Type: Community Garden / MicroPark
- Location: 5351 Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
- Square Footage: 3000 S.F
- Construction: Shipping Crate / Cable Connections

Fall Performance

Neighborhood residents can be treated to many fall activities, including community performances, Picnics, and other types of social gatherings of varying scopes. The central gathering space is nestled under a green canopy growing vine vegetables.

Picking Vegetables

Residents of the neighborhoo can pick freely from the vegetables grown on tomato vineyard. This fosters a sense of health and wellness amongst residents, also affording us the opportunity of teaching the next generation healthy habits.


As night falls over the community, the green canopy lights up, illuminating the area and making the park feel warm and inviting at night. Neightborhood safety is a concern, so all portions of the garden are intended to be well lit.

Autumn Sunset

As summer ends many different activities can be seen ongoing in the community garden, including a resident picking from the parks green wall, which divides the community garden from the private dwellings in adjacent lots.

Model Perspective A

A physical model showing a closer look underneath the green canopy. Here subsections underneath the canopy are visible, intended for smaller social gatherings like a group of friends or a small family picnic. Adequate shade is provided here.

Model Perspective B

A physical model showing the overall dimensional and spatial qualities of the community garden. The unique grade of the site was used to carve subtle yet dramatic urban green spaces, allowing the residents a nice balance of public and private spaces.

Ground Floor Plan

Possible Legend for Floorplan goes here?

Overall Site Plan

Possible Legend for Siteplan goes here?

Urban Condition

A diagram showing the relationships that Oasis West Community Garden share with its surrouning residents and community. Relationships between adjacent community parks, residential structures, and sreet parking and traffic are detailed.

Green Layering + Site Irrigation

A diagram showing the Green Layering Strategy and Site Irrigation plan. Oasis West was intended to be both a functional and aestetically pleasing community garden, with a variety of different garden types to attract a variety of gardeners and residents.

Cable Connection

A detail rendering showing the cable connection used to support the green canopy. The high-tension steel cables are the structural backbone of the canopy, all holding up a much thinner mesh by which vegetables and other plant life can grow on.

Seasonal Changes + Program

A diagram showing the response to Seasonal Changes as well as the Programmatic Concept. The community garden was meant to adapt to the season while maintaining a consistent functionalism. Here shows the different types of vegetables that can be grown.

Front Elevation

A Elevation study of Oasis West Community Garden cut along Adams Blvd.

Section AA

A Section study of Oasis West Community Garden cut longitudinally through the site, looking West towards Downtown Los Angeles.

Section BB

A Section study of Oasis West Community Garden cut longitudinally through the site, looking South towards the I-10 Freeway Overpass.