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Featured Project: The Modernist Art Retreat - 12.23.2010

Featured Project: The Legend of the Brass Teapot - 6.23.2010

Featured Project: Taj Clayton For Congress - 11.19.2010

Featured Project: The Nevsky Project - 10.12.2010

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A cultural cornerstone that will help revitalize the South Central Los Angeles community and further the initiative of the Urban Media Foundation.
A secluded Art Retreat / Sudio that was entered into FreeGreen's Who's Next 2.0 architecture competition in January of 2011.
A large entertainment center on Hollywood Blvd, exploring the unique possibility of Apple branding architectural spaces and urban conditions.
Small single family dwelling built using milk-crate and adobe construction. Entered into the Free-Green Who's Next competition in 2010.
Oasis West Community Garden
Small community garden situated in local Los Angels community with a focus on creating a sense of community.

Welcome to our architectural design portal. We strive to develop architectural design that respons to societal and environmental issues, while most importantly establishing an emotional connection with its inhabitants and its existing urban condition.

We believe in aesthetic design balanced with both functionalism and dynamism, as a building first and foremost must make the lives of its constituents easy. The functionalism of the building should go unnoticed by consitutents while comfort is found during habitation of the space.

Our aesthetic philosophy is balanced by the drive to create spaces that withstand the test of time and exist in harmony with the surrounding environment, and the implementation of all green technologies dealing with energy and resource harvesting. For more information, feel free to visit our project pages to the left.