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Featured Project: The Modernist Art Retreat - 12.23.2010

Featured Project: The Legend of the Brass Teapot - 6.23.2010

Featured Project: Taj Clayton For Congress - 11.19.2010

Featured Project: The Nevsky Project - 10.12.2010

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Welcome to FutureKraft Designs and we hope you have enjoyed visiting our web portal. Our design initiative is based around a central goal of using design as a motivation and catalyst for societal and environmental change. Based around this intiative we offer multiple design services, including Architectural Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Set Design.

We believe the root of any design's success lies in its interactivity and ability to connect with our human emotion. Our daily interactions with design, be it spaces we live in, media we view online, or clothes we wear help shape our character and identity. This sparks my interest in design as a vehicle for change and my enjoyment in creating such personal and intimate design moments. We aspire to face our socioeconomic and environmental issues with design in mind, and practice sustainable habits and offer a thorough investigation into our urban condition through architectural design.

My name is Stefon Deajon, and since graduation from the University of Southern California School of Architecture I have aspired to practice design through the above lens. Use the navigation bar above to learn more about our different design disciplines and to view previous design projects. To get in touch with me, feel free to visit the Contact Page. Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Stefon Deajon
CEO & President